About the Conference

This Conference aims to be a collective learning experience grounded in group and experiencial learning, presupposing critical and liberating dialogue.

Citizens and representatives of the 5 municipalities of the European countries partners in the project (Portugal, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Slovenia), academics and professionals with relevant experience in the field of active citizenship and democracy will be gathered during 3 days to share, discuss and present their perspectives and understandings in what concerns to citizens’ participation in political life and in decision-making processes at local, national and European levels.

Through different moments of debate, round-tables, working groups and sharing of different local, national and european projects, we aim to contribute to enlarge, enrich and improve the discussion and practices on citizens’ participation in decision making in Europe.


  • Challenges, obstacles and opportunities to improve citizens’ participation;
  • Mechanisms of participation – limitations and new approaches;
  • The existing complementarities between representative and participatory democracy;
  • Approaches on how to develop participatory democracy instruments;
  • The role of information to foster inclusion and equality in participation.

Please check here the program in Portuguese here

How this journey begins in ECOS

Round-Trip moments