Partners Meeting in Rybnik, Poland


articlePartnersMeetingFrom 11 to 13 of February, 5 civil society organizations from Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Lithuania gathered in the city of Rybnik, Poland, to finalize preparations for the launching of the project “Round-Trip: a Citizens Participation Journey Between Local and European Levels”.

The project, funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens” and coordinated by ECOS, aims to promote democratic participation, by inspiring Citizens to participate active and effectively in public decision-making processes and by encouraging local authorities to provide more effective opportunities for Citizens participation.

Until the end of 2015, the partners in this project ECOS, CRIS, PINA, SOCIUS and ANNONA will embark in this Round-Trip inviting citizens and public authorities of the 5 countries to share information and experiences, debate and make recommendations on possible improvements to the existing participation mechanisms or propose innovative approaches to democratic participation, narrowing the relationship between people and political representatives and allowing more people to have a say in the political decision making.

During their stay in Rybnik, the partners had the opportunity to meet the President and Vice-President of the municipality, Piotrem Kuczerą and Piotrem Masłowskim, to exchange views on the main challenges in involving citizens in local government.

For more information about the project “Round-Trip: a Citizens Participation Journey Between Local and European Levels”, please contact the project coordination in

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