Launching Events

Round-Trip project was presented, between 14th of April and 15th of May, in 5 launching events that took place in 5 municipalities within the municipalities where the partners are based.

Each of the partners prepared and delivered a half-day launching event and used the opportunity to invite citizens, local municipalities’ representatives, media, and representatives from other relevant public and private institutions.

In these events, the project was be presented, the online platform was launched and the public was invited to participate in future project’s activities.

The main objectives of the launching events were to:

  • Present the project and its activities to representatives of the local municipalities, local Civil Society Organizations, Local Media and Citizens;
  • Encourage citizens to participate in future project’s activities;
  • Reduce the gap between public authorities and citizens;
  • Increase the awareness on European Union issues currently on debate;
  • Raise the authorities (local, national and EU level) awareness of the importance to link the local participation structures and mechanisms with the access and engagement on EU level.
Berlin Launching Event

Berlin, 23rd of May

Loulé Launching Event

Loulé, 4th of May


Vilnius, 12th of May

Koper Launching Event

Koper, 14th May


Rybnik, 15th of May

How this journey begins in ECOS

Round-Trip moments