Launching Event in Koper

Koper Launching Event

On Thursday 14th of May 2015, the e-Kavarna PiNA space has hosted the launching event of the Round-Trip Project, with 29 participants. The launch event consisted of two main parts, namely a workshop about building communities and communicating through Facebook for NGO workers, and an evening screening of Citizenfour (2014), an Oscar-winning documentary thriller about the life of Edward Snowden.

The workshop, which was hosted by Kaja Cunk, MA in Marketing and Communication Studies and expert associate for PiNA, took place within the framework of the Days of an inclusive information society 2015, held throughout Slovenia by organizations belonging Slovenian network of NGOs for an inclusive information society and many more.

It was not only an occasion to launch the ROUND-TRIP project, but also to present the new portal The portal was presented at the end of the workshop, together with the project ROUND TRIP presentation.

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