Launching Event in Vilnius

Vilnius Launching Event 4

Round-Trip launching in Vilnius took place in May 13, 2015 at 3 pm. at Gedimino av. 28/2 (hall on the 2nd floor). This event, promoted by Round-Trip project Lithuanian Partner, the NGO ANNONA, connected the issues of traffic safety and citizen participation in decision-making process in Vilnius.

Pristabdau pries pereja“ (“I Slow Down Before Zebra Crossing”) is a local reaction of Vilnius citizens, communities and NGOs organizing for the traffic safety, such as ANNONA, the green movement, Pilaite community activists and members of the Lithuanian Peasant’s and Green Union.

Lithuania has one of the worst road accident’s statistics in the EU (90 deaths per 1 million inhabitants), making Lithuania the fourth least traffic-safe country in the EU, after Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia. Out of 294 people killed on Lithuanian roads in 2014, 9 % were killed in Vilnius (27 people). A short public discussion will address solutions for this problem.

The guidelines for the public discussion were:

  • EU traffic safety and car safety regulations, fuel quality and alternative transport by Raul Cazan, ANNONA environment and green transports expert;
  • The fight for traffic safety in Pilaite community by Virginija Vingriene, Pilaite community activist and chairwoman of Lithuanian Peasants and Green Union Vilnius branch.

As in other Round-Trip launching events, the project was presented, the online platform launched, and the public invited to participate in future project’s activities.

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