ECOS – Cooperation, Education, and Development,Cooperative (Portugal) main goal is the promotion of non-formal education for social inclusion. Through different activities, ECOS aims to contribute to the development of a more human, sustainable, fair, inclusive, participative, democratic, equitable, solidary, cooperative, dialogical, diverse and integrated society.



annona-logo-smallANNONA darnaus vystymosi centras (Lithuania) is a research hub for environmental policies and development, a non-profit organization designed to promote principles of sustainable development into laws and into the education system. ANNONA goes beyond debating problems that affect the environment and channels all energy towards finding and promoting public policy solutions in Lithuania and surrounding region.



Socius-LogoSOCIUS Organisationsberatung gGmbH (Germany) main goal is to support needs of charitable organizations. To achieve this aim, SOCIUS fosters international understanding, development cooperation, education and occupational training. In addition, it facilitates civil participation in urban districts and enhances methodologies of participation.



pina-logo(web)PiNA was founded in 1998 on the initiative of the Open Society Institute. Today PiNA works on three priority areas which intertwine and complement each other: strengthening the sector of NGOs,development of a critical and responsible society and international (co)operation. Inside these areas of operation we develop activities, connect with other key players, promote active participation of the civil society, and fill empty spaces with missing content. It became recognised in the local community as one of the reference NGO’s in the region. PiNA participates in various networks and initiatives on the national level and have the status of working in the public interest. Its projects and programmes are created with the support of programmes Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, European Social Fund, direct European Commission tenders, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the American Embassy and the Anne Lindh Foundation.




Centrum Rozwoju Inicjatyw Spolecznych CRIS (Poland) mission is to build social capital, to inspire and support civic activism. CRIS is a leading Non Governmental Organizations Incubator and supporting centre for local leaders and other active groups. Moreover, the organization is promoting a partnership between Civil Society Organizations, businesses and local government, especially by implementing models of effective cooperation.


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